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Heather Grossmann

That time we cried in Starbucks because of an *awesome* performance review


Forgive us, pretty please? We’ll be back soon, we promise!

The 19th*

Pregnant workers have fought for years for accommodations at work — they may finally get them

Rebecca Gibian

Protected: It’s cool that unions are ‘cool’ again, but are they doing enough to benefit women?  

Maylin Tu and Heather Grossmann

Red flags to the 🚩Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 🚩the sports industry, 🚩Big Tech…

Maylin Tu

Time’s up on Time’s Up? – Cuomo’s cringey bro code – Casual misogyny of ‘Succession’

Mareesa Nicosia

Boss Betty Brief: What WeWork’s chief counsel earns, why JCPenney’s Jill Soltau had quite a mixed bag of a week & more

Lisa Rabasca Roepe

‘Returnships’ are all the rage: Blue-chip companies flex their recruiting muscles

Danielle Braff

How to score a board seat as a female first-timer

Amanda Hirsch

Building your personal brand on LinkedIn does not have to feel like swimsuit shopping, we promise. Here’s how to do it.

Jennifer Stavros

15 things to know about TikTok’s CEO Vanessa Pappas, leader of the 15-second video revolution

Darlena Cunha

‘Man power,’ ‘man hours’ and other phrases to ix-nay from your iased-bay vocabulary

Diane di Costanzo

61% of women would rather talk about their own deaths than this topic

Kelly Gordon

The adventures of Captain Kelly Gordon, the rare female yacht captain


Indra Nooyi joins Amazon board

Bex vanKoot

Fictional billionaire Bobby Axelrod, trans ally?

Rebecca Ponton

After selling to Honeywell, this energy exec is amped to help women climb the corporate ladder

Chava Gourarie

The Arjuna playbook, AKA, going next level in the fight for equal pay

Fran Hauser

Boss Betty Book Club: Fran Hauser’s top reading picks

Meredith Fineman

How to brag better: Choosing the right words for fearless self-promotion

Alicia McElhaney

Here’s where the 2020 candidates stand on workplace gender equality

Lena Chen

Insider interview: Sleeping Giants co-founder Nandini Jammi goes deep on her departure, the ‘apology’ & what’s next


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